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Greens 2013 Federal Election Platform: Standing up for what matters (pdf)


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One comment on “Greens policies

  1. Anne Astorino
    August 14, 2013

    SIX Pillars of strength:
    1. Increase the Medicare levy by 1% to cover all denticare needs across the board. (Why is it that our teeth are not considered part of our body?)
    2. Legislate that banks are not allowed to lend more than 25% of the total household income. This will reduce the cost of housing, and put quality of life back of the agenda. Stop greed over need.
    3. Eliminate State government. Local councils micro manage, Federal Govt. for big picture. For a country of low population, we don’t need 3 tiers of govt. Feds to unify and run schools, hospitals, infrastructure (roads and utilities) from company and income tax; Local councils to implement maintenance of schools, hospitals, roads and utilities funded from the GST and rates. BTW income tax should be a flat 10% from the first dollar earned. Super another flat 10%.
    4. Support design and innovation – the future of Australia. Do NOT fund car companies. If they designed attractive, fuel efficient, well made cars with Australian wool upholstery and carbon fibres developed by Deakin university for components, we would be ahead of the market. Look at Tesla.
    5. Invest heavily in renewable energy. Sun, wave and wind only. No nuclear. No coal.
    6.Aboriginal languages and Aboriginal art should be studied in school. Treat Aborigines as equals. No more tax payer subsidies (guilt money). They will behave as victims as long as they are treated as victims.

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