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In 2011 Nathan Lentern began writing about politics at Lentern and in 2013 he joined the group blog Ausvotes/Opinions. When not blogging he is performing on the Sydney stand up circuit, completing his honours degree or tweeting at @nlentern.


Climate Reversals: An Update

Clive Palmer is understandably the talk of the town after Thursday’s theatrics but more concerning than Palmer’s buffoonery is the context which …


ABC Funding

Nathan Lentern loves the ABC but suggests it goes far beyond the basic public service which any government should provide.

Warsaw climate talks

Warsaw No-Show

For me one of the most boring debates of the Abbott-Gillard era was that of climate change. It was mind …

Casual Vacancy

For many devoted followers of the Whitlam tradition, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen was the one villain in the 1975 dismissal for …

Press Club Debate

For an event that’s only happened about half a dozen times in Australian political history, the ritual of televised elections …

Climate Reversals

“We will have a far-reaching climate change action policy, but we won’t set it unilaterally before the rest of the …


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