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Once, I wrote things for money. Now, I do not. So I have thoughts, and think them here.


Sticks and stones

If threats of violence are the demarcating line of permissible free speech, why aren’t we talking about mental health as well as physical, asks Ed Butler.


Piketty a gift from the political gods

The arrival of a mundane French economist saying extraordinary things has come at the perfect time for Australia’s progressives. Are they able to take advantage of it?, asks Ed Butler.


A victory for populism

Well, there we have it. The Premier of Australia’s most populous state has caved to a populist campaign by the …

Coward outrage

Sometimes the sexism that still exists in society raises its head in such a blatant yet nefarious way as to …

Cory Bernardi

The price of ignorance

So Cory’s at it again. During the silly season, when newsrooms are skeletally staffed and desperate for content, he chose …


Freedom to infuriate

The Abbott government appears to be going out of its way to infuriate its opponents, but to what end? Ed Butler is on the case.


The first hundred days

It’s an Americanism, to be sure, but the idea that the first 100 days of a presidency (or in this …


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