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The Dog Whistle: “Adults are in charge” edition

Listen above for our weekly chat on the the first days of the 44th parliament, the morality of progressive politics and the cult of Julia Gillard.

On this week’s Dog Whistle, Ed Butler, Tim Hamilton and Damien Walker get stuck right into the nitty gritty of the first week of parliament; the tactics, the performers, the policies being scrapped (are there any being created?). Then, why is it not ok for progressive politicians and parties to show the same street-fighting as their opponents? And finally, why on earth are Julia Gillard’s fans so enamoured of her?

Finally, in our chatter section, this week dubbed “Gaynors”:

  • Damien is glad politics is back so the media may have something to report on
  • Tim is amazed at Victorian state politics
  • Ed wonders how on earth Maurice Newman is a thing

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About Ed Butler

Once, I wrote things for money. Now, I do not. So I have thoughts, and think them here.

2 comments on “The Dog Whistle: “Adults are in charge” edition

  1. MrTiedt
    November 13, 2013

    Nice timing on that podcast ed. Top notch. Really picked the moment.

    Like this

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