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The political conversation about Western Sydney over the past week has veered from bewildered wonderment, through ignorant derision and into utter rubbish. My frustration has grown, as I sit on the train in the morning, winding my way through the suburbs into the city.

Often this week, I’ve looked up from the Twitter conversation I’m following, with the radio babbling away in my ears, and ponder my fellow commuters. They look nothing like the species homo boganistus being discussed by earnest political pundits who baulk at the distance between Bondi and Strathfield.

Western Sydney, home to nearly 2 million people, is a vast, diverse, fascinating, interesting, changing place. Fairfield is not the same as Kellyville, which is not the same as Auburn, and is different to Glenmore Park. It would be facile, at best, to label everyone in Brisbane as being exactly the same, so why is this…

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